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Why SimFlex ?

SimFlex has over twenty years of experience in the manufacture, supply and installation of: Folding Shutters, Sliding Shutters and Collapsible Gates.

SimFlex offers a multitude of different shutter models of superior quality and design

With the SimFlex commitment to "Quality-On-Time",most standard orders are available in 10 days.We provide full service nationwide, directly and through our dealer network.

All SimFlex products are custom-built to suit individual customer requirements.

More Reasons to Choose SimFlex:

SimFlex Simplicity.

SimFlex Simplicity.Suspended from a continuous overhead track, SimFlex closures are easily operated single-handed, even in very large spans. Gilding smoothly from side to side, either stacking in-line or remotely, clear of the entrance, these are the most compact folding closures available on the market.

SimFlex Flexibility

SimFlex FlexibilityWith our selection of stock straight and curved sections together with our ability to form any special curves to a 356mm minimum radius. It is possible to follow any curve or profile. Ideal for faceted shopfronts, bar tops etc. in continuous, uninterrupted single spans. The flexibility and mobility of SimFlex folding shutters and roller shutters creates limitless options for imaginative design layouts to suit any shape or length.

Benefits of SimFlex

Benefits of SimFlexOnly 42mm headroom is needed for the top track, and there are no floor tracks. There are no removable mullions or posts to contend with since all the lock members and other components are integrated. All SimFlex folding grille and closure systems are surprisingly lightweight, reducing the need for expensive and elaborate overhead supporting structures. Available with manual slide-aside operation only,there are no costly motors, winches or springs to break. Our folding systems require no scheduled servicing and they are virtually maintenance-free. Cost-effective, great value in an attractive choice of models.

SimFlex Quality-On-Time Pledge.

SimFlex Quality-On-Time Pledge.We are committed to providing professional advice by resourceful consultants-quickley and efficiently. Give us the problem and we will provide simple, effective proposals with design or layout drawings and product selections. We guarantee delivery within two weeks of final size confirmation,and can install anywhere. Allow a few extra days for freight forwarding to other countries. Our worry-free after-sales service, commitment to on going improvement and unrivalled range of products has helped us maintain our reputation as market leader.

SimFlex Design Choice

SimFlex Design ChoiceWith eleven different standard models to choose from, we have products to suitalmost every indoor application. They include glazing with tempered glass or lexan polycarbonate transparent sheets, solid aluminium panels, micro-perforated steel sheets or seven different grille patterns. Available in any length or shape, most models can be supplied up to 4000mm high.

SimFlex Applications

SimFlex ApplicationsWidely specified for use in enclosed retail and public airport terminals, superstores, in-store concessions, countertops and bars, bank lobbies and ATM areas, kiosks, railway stations, ferries, ports, marinas, museums, schools and public buildings. In fact, wherever people and space need to be seperated by a simple, secure screening system.

More Information

For more information or a quick query please request a Call Back. If you would like to submit a more detailed request for a quote, with the option to upload a plan, then please use our Get a Quote Page With continuous product improvements,specifications may change without notice.For further details and advice on layout and design,contact SimFlex Grilles & Closures Ltd.

General Notes Relating to Rolling Grilles and Shutters

Supports-Grilles and shutters installed to previously prepared linings by others. This includes all preparatory site work,supporting steelwork,wall structure or other framework intended for supporting the shutter. Rolling grilles and shutters are normally fixed between jambs or face fixed on th e inside of an opening,not generally suspended from above

Weights-Brickbond 9kg/m2, Plastic Link 8kg/m2, Honeycomb (Aluminium) 7kg/m2, Steel Shutter 10kg/m2, Aluminium Roller Shutter 7kg/m2 Polycarbonate Glazed Grille 9kg/m2. Then add 4kg for end plates and guildes,plus 20kg for sprung roller and 30kg for tube motor/roller

Applications-Most rolling grilles and shutters can be used inside or outside. For suitability of model choice,please consult SimFlex Grilles and Closures Limited

Availability-Normally 2 weeks from receipt of customer order with confirmation of final details and sizes

Installation Time-Given unimpeded access to the working area,most single grille or shutter installations can be completed within about 5 hours on site. For programming ,allow one day

Electrical Supply-Where motorised grilles and shutters are specified,it is the customer's responsibility to provide a local single-phase fused isolator adjacent to the motor position. SimFlex will make temporary connections for the purposes of commissioning,then disconnect for final electrical connections to be carried out by a qualified electrican.

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